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Aligning Text in Mathematica A Question About the PostScript Infrastructure

Summary: Aligning Text in Mathematica
A Question About the PostScript Infrastructure
Michael P. Barnett
June 2, 2010
1 Introduction
This report is a working document that seeks advice from POSTSCRIPT experts about certain details of font encoding.
I need these details to align built-up multi-font text in MATHEMATICA graphics objects. These objects comprise
diagrams that I include in LATEX manuscripts. The diagrams pertain to topics in natural science, mathematics and the
humanities. The text is aligned by the TMG (text in MATHEMATICA) package that I coded.
Fig. 1 and nearly 30 similar diagrams are in a recent paper on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) that I wrote with
Istv´an Pelczer [1]. The construction of these diagrams prompted the work on TMG. The package contains an encode
90° 90°
H t1 2 t1 2 1 2 J 1 3 J
180 ° 90°
C t1 2 t1 2 1 2 J 1 3 J FID
Figure 1: A pulse sequence diagram.


Source: Allen, L.C.- Department of Chemistry, Princeton University


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