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November 2011 Poverty in Canada and Saskatchewan

Summary: November 2011
Poverty in Canada and Saskatchewan
in 2011: No Closer to the Truth
Garson Hunter Ph.D.
October 2011
The Social Policy Research Unit (SPR) is the research arm of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina.
SPR`s primary goal is to conduct critical analytical research that will enhance the quality of life for individuals,
families and communities.
SPR supports the research endeavours of faculty members and students. It also works with community-based
organizations, government departments and research and policy institutes so as to contribute to informed social policy
and human service developments in Saskatchewan and elsewhere. SPR disseminates research findings through
conferences, workshops, seminars, the media, the Web and a publication series.
SPR publications, which include project reports, working papers and occasional papers, are intended to initiate
discussion about policy issues, identify research trends or serve as resources for policy development, teaching and
educational work at the university and in the community at large. SPR Occasional Papers and SPR Working Papers
are peer reviewed according to the standards followed by other scholarly publications. SPR Project Reports are not
formally peer reviewed. The publications can be purchased from SPR or downloaded at no charge from the SPR
website at www.uregina.ca/spr/publi.html


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


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