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February 21, 2002 Senate Minutes 1 of 6 2/18/2007 2:56 PM

Summary: February 21, 2002 Senate Minutes
1 of 6 2/18/2007 2:56 PM
Meeting of the Faculty Senate, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
February 21, 2002
Approved March 26, 2002
1. Call to Order: Presiding Officer Irwin Bernstein called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.
2 Identification of Proxies and Visitors:
Proxies: Brian Binder for Wei-Jun Cai; Jennifer Samp for Bonnie Dow (Speech Communication); Senator
Ben Blount*
(Anthropology) for Ervan Garrison (Geology); Senator Steven Grossvogel for Nina Hellerstein (Romance
Senator Stephen Valdez for Jean Martin (Music); Heinz-Bernd Schüttler for Hennig Meyer
(Physics/Astro); Senator
Reinaldo Román for Claudio Saunt (History); Senator Edward Azoff for Robert Rumely (Mathematics);
William B.
Whitman for Juergen Wiegel (Microbiology); and Senator Gene Wright for Alisa Luxenberg (Art).
Absent: Randolph
Clarke (Philosophy). 39 Present, 1 Absent. Visitors: John McDonald (Genetics); Rod Canfield (Computer
Brahm Verma (Biological and Agricultural Engineering); and Tim Hollibough (Marine Sciences).


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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