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Reconstruction of a small inclusion in a 2D open Habib Ammari # Ekaterina Iakovleva # Hyeonbae Kang +

Summary: Reconstruction of a small inclusion in a 2­D open
Habib Ammari # Ekaterina Iakovleva # Hyeonbae Kang +
March 9, 2005
We consider wave propagation in a perturbed open waveguide. We provide a new
asymptotic expansion for the scattered wave when the inclusion is of small diameter.
We design a MUSIC type of algorithm for locating the inclusion and illustrate its
viability in numerical examples.
Mathematics subject classification (MSC2000): 35R20, 35B30
Keywords: open waveguide, electromagnetic inclusion, reconstruction, MUSIC algorithm
1 Introduction
Optical waveguides are the basis of the optoelectronics and telecommunications industry.
It is important in engineering design of optical communication devices not only to find out
whether a defect is present or absent in a device, but also to precisely locate it and accurately
characterize its size.
In this paper we discuss wave propagation in a perturbed optical waveguide. The per­
turbation in the electromagnetic characteristics of the waveguide is caused by a small elec­
tromagnetic inclusion. The waveguide we consider is half space (y > 0) with the Dirichlet
boundary condition on y = 0. The region 0 < y < h is considered the core of the fiber, while


Source: Ammari, Habib - Centre de Mathématique Appliquées, École Polytechnique


Collections: Mathematics