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Theory few photon dynamics in electrically pumped light emitting quantum dot devices

Summary: Theory few photon dynamics in electrically pumped light
emitting quantum dot devices
Alexander Carmele, Matthias-Rene Dachner, Janik Wolters, Marten Richter and Andreas
Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Nichtlineare Optik und Quantenelektronik, Technische
Universitaet Berlin, Hardenbergstr. 36 EW 7-1, 10623 Berlin, Germany
Quantum dot based light emitters can be used as sources of nonclassical light. We focus on the theory of
InAs/GaAs quantum dots embedded in a two dimensional wetting layer at low electrical pump currents but
strongly correlated electron-photon dynamics. For this purpose a self-consistent theory of transport and emission
is developed. A substantial carrier heating in such devices is predicted and the relation of electrical pumping
and single photon emission is analyzed within the photon-probability-cluster-expansion.
Keywords: Quantum dot, carrier heating, nonclassical light
Quantum optics in solids paves the way to new and spectacular technological advances by improving the ac-
curacy of measurements done so far with stabilized lasers;1,2
by increasing the degree of security in quantum
cryptography via the knowledge of quantum states3
or by exploiting entanglement for quantum computing.4


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Physics