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INT. J. ELECTRONICS, VOL. 91, NO. 3, MARCH 2004, 185190 A low-cost dual-slope triangular/square wave generator

Summary: INT. J. ELECTRONICS, VOL. 91, NO. 3, MARCH 2004, 185­190
A low-cost dual-slope triangular/square wave generator
A new dual-slope triangular/square wave generator is presented. The circuit uses
few active and passive components and can be easily integrated. Experimental
results obtained from a breadboard implementation, using discrete transistors,
show that by using a grounded resistor the frequency of oscillation can be tuned
in the range 1.7 kHz­3.5 kHz without disturbing the slopes the positive-going and
the negative-going edges of the triangular wave.
1. Introduction
Triangular/square wave generators are widely used in a wide range of applications
in instrumentation and measurement systems. This justifies the development of a large
number of triangular/square wave generators using a variety of active elements (see
Chang 1984, Cheng and Larson 1985, Taha 1985, Taha et al. 1985, Karnal et al. 1987,
Spencer and Angell 1990, Siskos and Tombras 1992, Gerstenhaber and Murphy 1994,
Abuelma'atti and Al-Shahrani 1998 a, b, Cicekoglu and Kuntman 1998, Cicekoglu
and Toker 1999, Almashary and Alhokail 2000, and references cited therein). These
generators invariably suffer from one or more of the following disadvantages:
1. Use of excessive number of active elements; for example transistors, diodes, oper-


Source: Al-Absi, Munir A. - Electrical Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Collections: Engineering