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Finding Sufficient Mutation Operators via Variable Akbar Siami Namin and James H. Andrews

Summary: Finding Sufficient Mutation Operators via Variable
Akbar Siami Namin and James H. Andrews
Department of Computer Science
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, CANADA N6A 5B7
Email: {asiamina,andrews} (at) csd.uwo.ca
Abstract--- A set of mutation operators is ``sufficient'' if it can
be used for most purposes to replace a larger set. We describe
in detail an experimental procedure for determining a set of suf­
ficient C language mutation operators. We also describe several
statistical analyses that determine sufficient subsets with respect
to several different criteria, based on standard techniques for
variable reduction. We have begun to carry out our experimental
procedure on seven standard C subject programs. We present
preliminary results that indicate that the procedure and analyses
are feasible and yield useful information.
When performing mutation testing or mutation analysis, we
apply mutation operators to programs in order to create faulty


Source: Andrews, Jamie - Department of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences