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On-the-Fly Data Flow Analysis based on Verification Technology

Summary: COCV 2007
On-the-Fly Data Flow Analysis
based on Verification Technology
Mar´ia del Mar Gallardo, Christophe Joubert1
and Pedro Merino
University of M´alaga / Gisum
Campus de Teatinos s/n
29071, M´alaga, Spain
Email: {gallardo,joubert,pedro}@lcc.uma.es
The combination of static and dynamic software analysis, such as data flow analysis (Dfa) and model
checking, provides benefits for both disciplines. On the one hand, the information extracted by Dfas
about program data may be utilized by model checkers to optimize the state space representation. On the
other hand, the expressiveness of logic formulas allows us to consider model checkers as generic data flow
analyzers. Following this second approach, we propose in this paper an algorithm to calculate Dfas using
on-the-fly resolution of boolean equation systems (Bess). The overall framework includes the abstraction of
the input program into an implicit labeled transition system (Lts), independent of the program specification
language. Moreover, using Bess as an intermediate representation allowed us to reformulate classical Dfas
encountered in the literature, which were previously encoded in terms of µ-calculus formulas with forward
and backward modalities. Our work was implemented and integrated into the widespread verification


Source: Alpuente, María - Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación, Universitat Politècnica de València


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences