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Cortical activity pattern computation Peter Andras1

Summary: Cortical activity pattern computation
Peter Andras1
and Thomas Wennekers2
School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1
7RU, UK; peter.andras@ncl.ac.uk
Centre for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, University of Plymouth,
Plymouth, PL4 8AA, UK; thomas.wennekers@plymouth.ac.uk
Neural computations are modelled in various ways, but still there is no clear
understanding of how the brain performs its computational tasks. This paper presents
new results about analysis of neural processes in terms of activity pattern
computations. It is shown that it is possible to extract from high resolution EEG data a
first order Markov approximation of a neural communication system employing
pattern computations, which is significantly different from similar purely random
systems. In our view this result shows that it is likely that neural activity patterns
measurable at the macro-level by EEG are correlated with underlying neural
Keywords: EEG, Markov model, neural system, neural activity pattern, pattern


Source: Andras, Peter - School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences