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Mathematics 3C Summer 3B 2009 Worksheet 4, August 18th, TA Grace Kennedy

Summary: Mathematics 3C Summer 3B 2009
Worksheet 4, August 18th, TA Grace Kennedy
PREP for 8/18: Read text Sections 2.2-2.3
PREP for 8/20: Read text Sections 2.4-2.5, finish worksheet
MY WEBSITE: http://math.ucsb.edu/kgracekennedy/SB093C.html1
Variation of Parameters
Use clear presentation and justify every step.
1. What kinds of DE can be solved using variation of parameters?
2. What are the three steps of solving these DE's using variation of param-
3. Solve the following DE using variation of parameters:
y (t) + y(t) = t
(a) Find the homogeneous solution yh.
(b) Find a particular solution yp.
(c) What is the general solution?
Why is the last step valid? 2
1Go here for information on quizzes, office hours, section worksheets, and other section
2Hint: Substitute the sum into the left side and use the fact yh is the solution to the


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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