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PhD-TW Colloquium March 11, 15:4516:45, Citadel H327

Summary: PhD-TW Colloquium
March 11, 15:4516:45, Citadel H327
Speaker 1:
Hanumant Singh
Computation of Chopped System
If system G represents the class of signals we are aiming for, then L2-norm of the
optimal signal re-constructors over all samplers and holds require the norm computa-
tion of the system G in the frequency range [, ) instead of usual (-, ). The
computation becomes more complicated if system G is allowed to have the poles not
only in the left half complex plane but also on the imaginary axis of the complex
plane. Hence a Lyapunov type answer is not applicable in this case. This talk is
about a method for efficient computation of L2-norm of the system given in state-
space form with poles in the left half plane as well as on the imaginary axis. The
relationship with L2-norm of the stable system and H2-norm of the system will also
be discussed.
Speaker 2:


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering