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Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes: March 14, 2006

Summary: Accreditation & Continuous Improvement Committee Meeting
Minutes: March 14, 2006
Attendees: Eve Riskin (Chair), Lucien Brush (MSE), Carl Ebeling (CSE), Brad Holt (CHEM E), Don Janssen (CEE),
Karen Kasonic (TC), John Kramlich (ME), Uy-Loi Ly (AA), Bill McKean (Forest Res.); Eric Stuve (CHEM E), Ming-
Ting Sun (EE), Janice Henderson (CoE)
Absent: Jim Borgford-Parnell (CELT), Rick Gustafson (PSE), Tom Horbett (BIO), Richard Storch (IND E).
Guests: Deborah Illman (Affiliate Assistant Professor of TC)
Technology Journalism
Deborah Illman asked for ACI's ideas regarding development of an initiative that addresses the need to
enhance public understanding of engineering and improve the preparation of journalists to cover engineering-
related content while providing a mechanism that may help the College meet the ABET criteria relating to
professional skills.
It was suggested that the College's curriculum committee can address this better than the ACI. Other
suggestions were to talk about writing modules in the proposal; and the target audience should be people who
are more inclined to writing. There was concern that there isn't room in the curriculum to add more
What each department is doing to ensure that faculty are "closing the loop" on teaching improvement
Some of the ideas that could benefit other departments were:
Peer, subcommittee, and undergraduate committee review instructor's course reports. Faculty


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences