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PhD-TW Colloquium April 8, 15:4516:45, Citadel H327

Summary: PhD-TW Colloquium
April 8, 15:45­16:45, Citadel H327
Speaker 1: Danišel Reijsbergen
Rare Event Simulation for
Model Checking Highly Dependable
We are interested in estimating system failure probabilities in highly dependable systems,
such as a telecommunications network or a nuclear power plant. Probabilities of interest
could be system failure before some time bound or the time fraction that the system is
down in equilibrium. Often, the models have state spaces that are too big to allow for
iterative methods (e.g. Gauss-Seidel). Stochastic simulation is then typically used as the
alternative. Obviously, in a highly dependable system, system failure is a rare event, so
we need to apply efficient simulation techniques. We use Importance Sampling, i.e. we
simulate under a new distribution which oversamples occurrence of the rare event. In
this talk we explain why existing techniques fail in some situations and propose a new
distribution for systems with high component repair rates.
Speaker 2: Julia Mikhal
Prediction of Shear Stress
in Cerebral Aneurysms
The prediction of blood flow inside aneurysms that can develop in a human brain is a field of intense


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


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