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Report of the Campion College Forum Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning Rationale of the Committee

Summary: Report of the Campion College Forum Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning
Rationale of the Committee:
This committee was struck by the Dean of Campion College in order to facilitate the
consultative process dear to Campion College and the University of Regina. The aim of this
committee is to canvass the reflections and opinions among Campion faculty and administration
(referred to throughout this report as "Forum") about the university's strategic planning
initiative. This report is essentially an unofficial summary of this consultative process. The
Forum's responses to the two questions guiding the strategic planning are varied, detailed and
complex. Therefore, this summary can only hope to limn the broad outlines of certain prominent
themes that emerged.
Question #1: How might the university best serve current and future students, and the
communities that surround and support us?
Forum's responses to this question were often a variation of two central ideas:
1) Undergraduate Education
The most frequent and insistent sentiment among the Forum was the idea that the success
of the University of Regina is and will in the future be built on providing a solid undergraduate
education. It is important to clarify that the committee registered little opposition to existing
graduate studies and no opposition whatsoever to the encouragement of faculty research. The
Forum largely felt that current grad programs should be maintained if they serve a manifest need,
and Forum also believes that promoting faculty research is an important and salutary goal for the


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics