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Introduction A confluence of high-throughput experimental tech-

Summary: 137
A confluence of high-throughput experimental tech-
niques, expanding genomic information and a focus
on systems biology, has lent new momentum to math-
ematical modeling of biological systems. Modeling
gene regulation is central to such efforts because gene
expression is at the nexus of many biological processes,
and subtle changes of regulatory protein levels or links
can underlie human diseases, population differences,
and the evolution of morphological novelties (Carroll
et al., 2001). Despite our expanding knowledge of the
biochemistry of gene regulation, we lack a quantitative
understanding of this process at a molecular level. Until
recently, the preponderance of mechanistic gene regula-
tory studies have been empirically focused on the activ-
ity of individual transcriptional components, rather than
generating an integrated picture of a system. In a recent
shift, large-scale biological datasets have now provided
a quantitative basis for systems biology studies. These


Source: Arnosti, David N. - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine