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EPSC Abstracts, Vol. 4, EPSC2009-601, 2009

Summary: EPSC Abstracts,
Vol. 4, EPSC2009-601, 2009
European Planetary Science Congress,
c Author(s) 2009
Communicating astronomy with the Human Orrery
D.J. Asher, M.E. Bailey, A.A. Christou and M.D. Popescu
Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh, BT61 9DG, UK
The learning process is often enhanced by active par-
ticipation (e.g., [1]). Combining this idea with the con-
cept of an orrery a mechanical model of the planetary
system leads us to the possibility of a Human Orrery,
in which users play the role of the planets. Such an
exhibit has been constructed at the Armagh Observa-
tory in Northern Ireland (Fig. 1) and has been used to
explain principles of planetary motion to the general
public [2]. The Human Orrery has proved successful
and another version, using the same template, is now
(2009) being built at the Kings School, Peterborough
in England.


Source: Armagh Observatory
Armagh Observatory Meteorology Databank


Collections: Geosciences; Physics