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A Parallel Algorithm for Groundstate Search Joan Adler and A. Berengolts

Summary: A Parallel Algorithm for Groundstate Search
Joan Adler and A. Berengolts
Department of Physics
Technion-IIT, 32000, Haifa, Israel.
A novel master-slave parallel algorithm for groundstate search by simulated
annealing is presented. Its main feature, the use of sequential comuunications
for updates has wider applications to other optimization methods such as ge-
netic algorithms. A discussion of communication issues for parallel algorithms
for complex, realistic algorithms is also given.
1. Motivation
The usual aim in studies of groundstate structures for models of condensed
matter is collecting good statistics to determine average groundstate proper-
ties. The Edwards-Anderson Ising spin glass is one system where such studies
are made, although alternate methods of the cut and branch variety may be
superior for those cases where they work [1].
However, sometimes, the crucial requirement is to nd one suĂciently
good approximation to a groundstate as quickly as possible. In fact sometimes
one even knows what the groundstate is, but one still needs to coax particular
realizations towards realization of their mimimum energy con gurations.


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Physics