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Intravascular Extended Sensitivity (IVES) MRI Antennas Robert C. Susil,1

Summary: Intravascular Extended Sensitivity (IVES) MRI Antennas
Robert C. Susil,1
Christopher J. Yeung,1
and Ergin Atalar1­3*
The design and application of an intravascular extended sensi-
tivity (IVES) MRI antenna is described. The device is a loopless
antenna design that incorporates both an insulating, dielectric
coating and a winding of the antenna whip into a helical shape.
Because this antenna produces a broad region of high SNR and
also allows for imaging near the tip of the device, it is useful for
imaging long, luminal structures. To elucidate the design and
function of this device, the effects of both insulation and an-
tenna winding were characterized by theoretical and experi-
mental studies. Insulation broadens the longitudinal region over
which images can be collected (i.e., along the lumen of a vessel)
by increasing the resonant pole length. Antenna winding, con-
versely, allows for imaging closer to the tip of the antenna by
decreasing the resonant pole length. Over a longitudinal region
of 20 cm, the IVES imaging antenna described here produces a
system SNR of approximately 40,000/r (mL­1


Source: Atalar, Ergin - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine