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Pose-Free Structure from Motion Using Depth From Motion Constraints

Summary: 1
Pose-Free Structure from Motion Using Depth
From Motion Constraints
Ji Zhang, Mireille Boutin, Member, IEEE, and Daniel G. Aliaga
Abstract--Structure from motion (SFM) is the problem of
recovering the geometry of a scene from a stream of images taken
from unknown viewpoints. One popular approach to estimate the
geometry of a scene is to track scene features on several images
and reconstruct their position in 3D. During this process, the
unknown camera pose must also be recovered. Unfortunately
recovering the pose can be an ill-conditioned problem which, in
turn, can make the SFM problem difficult to solve accurately. We
propose an alternative formulation of the SFM problem with fixed
internal camera parameters known a priori. In this formulation,
obtained by algebraic variable elimination, the external camera
pose parameters do not appear. As a result, the problem is
better conditioned in addition to involving much fewer variables.
Variable elimination is done in three steps. First, we take the
standard SFM equations in projective coordinates and eliminate
the camera orientations from the equations. We then further


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences