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Lateral Templating for Guided Self-Organization of Sputter

Summary: Lateral Templating for Guided
Self-Organization of Sputter
By Alexandre Cuenat, H. Bola George,
Kee-Chul Chang, Jack M. Blakely, and
Michael J. Aziz*
Methods for the fabrication of large areas of nanoscale fea-
tures with controlled period and intraperiod organization are
of interest because of the potential for high-throughput mass
production of nanoscale devices. Due to their potential in this
regard, much recent attention has been devoted to self-orga-
nization processes,[15]
in which processing causes the sponta-
neous emergence of a nanoscale pattern. The short-range or-
der can be quite high[24]
but some envisaged applications
require long-range order, which is destroyed by uncontrolled
topological defects arising spontaneously from the self-organi-
zation process. A potentially successful hierarchical fabrica-
tion strategy is the fabrication of controlled features at a


Source: Aziz, Michael J.- School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


Collections: Physics; Materials Science