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Proposal title: Residence Support Service Consultation Phase 3 February 2010

Summary: 1
Proposal title: Residence Support Service Consultation Phase 3
Date: 15th
February 2010
1. Introduction
This paper sets out the final proposal for the review of the Residence Support Service following on from the
introduction of the Residences Support Service, its subsequent review, informal and formal consultations
(Phase 1 and 2). The paper includes a definition of `residence support', the principles behind the preferred
option and a counter proposal. The preferred option (the Full Time Service) will be given in detail including
all terms and conditions. An analysis of perceived risks and benefits is cited. This is followed by a
recommendation and an overview of the timescales and next steps in the consultation process.
2. Background
The final model of Residence Support has to be based on clarity about the nature of that support.
Historically, terms such as `pastoral support' or `duty of care' were used interchangeably to outline what
the former Wardenal Service provided. Pastoral support is a term applied where people offer help (often
religious) and care to others in the wider community where they listen, support, encourage and befriend.
It can also be applied to the practice of looking after the personal and social wellbeing of children under
the care of a teacher encompassing a wide variety of issues including health, social and moral education,
behaviour management and emotional support. These are terms often used by specially trained
professionals such as teachers, Chaplaincy, Counsellors etc. Neither of these describes accurately the


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics