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IT'S TIME ... A Proposal for Mobile (Hands-On Traffic) Signal Timing Training (MOST)

Summary: IT'S TIME ...
A Proposal for Mobile (Hands-On Traffic) Signal Timing Training (MOST)
Prepared for
Federal Highway Administration
Prepared by
Michael Kyte, University of Idaho
Darcy Bullock, Purdue University
James Pline, Pline Engineering
28 September 2004
1. The Need for Traffic Signal Systems Training
Traffic Signal Systems: A Critical Yet Ineffectively Used Technology
The traffic signal is one of the most important devices in the nation's transportation
system. Yet many of the traffic signals that are currently in use today are not timed
properly, are not installed correctly, are not used to their fullest extent, and are often not
maintained properly. While the traffic signal is intended to provide for effective and
efficient intersection operations, it is the one device that can require the public to wait
unnecessarily if not properly designed and operated.
There are 200 communities in the United States whose population exceeds 100,000.
Each of these communities has numerous traffic signals, with a total number estimated at
300,000 nationally. Any one of these traffic signals, or a system of several signals, can


Source: Alves-Foss, Jim - Department of Computer Science, University of Idaho


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences