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A mathematical morphology approach to cell shape analysis

Summary: A mathematical morphology approach to cell
shape analysis
Jes´us Angulo
Centre de Morphologie Math´ematique - Ecole des Mines de Paris
35, rue Saint-Honor´e, 77300 Fontainebleau, FRANCE
jesus.angulo@ensmp.fr ; http://cmm.ensmp.fr/angulo
1 Introduction: Context and Motivation
Morphological analysis of cells (size, shape, texture, etc.) is fundamental in
quantitative cytology. Anomalies and variations from the typical cell are as-
sociated with pathological situations, e.g., useful in cancer diagnosis, in cell-
based screening of new active molecules, etc.
Mathematical morphology is a nonlinear image processing technique based
on minimum and maximum operations [SER82], i.e., the basic structure is a
complete lattice [HEI94]. This contribution aims to apply mathematical mor-
phology operators to quantify the shape of round-objects which present ir-
regularities from an ideal circular pattern. More specifically we illustrate, on
the one hand, the application of morphological granulometries for size/shape
multi-scale description and on the other hand, the radial/angular decompo-
sitions using skeletons in polar-logarithmic representation. We discuss also
the aspects related to the properties of invariance of these tools, which is


Source: Angulo,Jesús - Centre de Morphologie Mathématique, Ecole des Mines de Paris


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences