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Figure 1: Glen Eyre Management Structure Appendix 1 -Current structure

Summary: Figure 1: Glen Eyre Management Structure
Appendix 1 - Current structure
1. Glen Eyre Halls
The Glen Eyre Complex operates a 1-in-10 rota system (sub-wardens are on
duty 1 night in 10 and 1 weekend in 10). In addition to their designated
duties, Glen Eyre sub-wardens are required to operate as a pastoral contact
for a designated area of the hall, normally a block or corridor and typically
around 70 students. To facilitate this aspect of the role, sub-warden
accommodation is distributed throughout the complex, and the Glen Eyre
team is comprised of a larger number of sub-wardens than the 20 required to work a 1-in-5 rota. The
resulting duty schedule of approximately 1-in-14 is designed to
compensate for the extra pastoral contact duties which other complexes
do not operate. The number of sub-wardens in this model allows a large
presence in Halls, resulting in a high degree of `service visibility'. In
addition, having a specific pastoral
responsibility for certain groups of
students allows for a more
personalised level of contact with
students. The familiarity with the Wardenal Service which this
promotes can encourage students to feel more comfortable about


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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