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RDMA-based and SMP-aware Multi-port All-Gather on Multi-rail SMP Clusters

Summary: RDMA-based and SMP-aware Multi-port All-Gather on Multi-rail
SMP Clusters
Ying Qian Ahmad Afsahi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada K7L 3N6
ying.qian@ece.queensu.ca ahmad.afsahi@queensu.ca
Clusters of Symmetric Multiprocessors (SMP) are
more commonplace than ever in achieving high-
performance. Scientific applications running on
clusters employ collective communications extensively.
Using shared memory communication among co-
located processes on SMP nodes as well as Remote
Direct Memory Access (RDMA) operations for inter-
node communication and trying to overlap them is a
proven technique in boosting the performance of
collective operations. The effect is much more
pronounced when efficient multi-port collectives on
multi-rail networks are devised and implemented.


Source: Afsahi, Ahmad - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences