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Gingival RAGE Expression in Calorie-Restricted Versus ad LibitumFed Rats

Summary: Gingival RAGE Expression in Calorie-
Restricted Versus ad Libitum­Fed Rats
John P. Aris,* Megan C. Elios, Enrique Bimstein, Shanon M. Wallet,§ Seunghee Cha,
Kesavalu N. Lakshmyya,§ and Joseph Katz
Background: The receptor for advanced glycation end
products (RAGE) is a multiligand receptor expressed in a num-
ber of cell types, including gingival epithelia. RAGE mediates
inflammation and induces cellular oxidative stress. Upregula-
tion of RAGE is associated with various diseases, such as
periodontal and cardiovascular diseases. This study examines
the hypothesis that the gingiva of rats fed a calorie-restriction
(CR) diet expresses lower levels of RAGE than the gingiva of
rats fed an ad libitum (AL) diet.
Methods: Male F344BN rats (n = 16) from the National In-
stitute on Aging (NIA) were fed a CR (n = 8) or AL (n = 8)
diet according to NIA recommendations. Rats were sacrificed
by guillotine at 8 (n = 5), 18 (n = 3), 29 (n = 4), and 38 (n = 4)
months of age. The gingiva from around the molars was dis-
sected and submitted for histologic and molecular analyses.
Results: Immunohistochemistry revealed that RAGE was


Source: Aris, John P. - Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Florida


Collections: Biology and Medicine