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BOOK REVIEWS understanding of process (e.g. causal analy-

understanding of process (e.g. causal analy-
sis of the mechanisms of selection on
morphology). The renaissance concerning
analysis of comparative patterns originated
with the realization that phylogeny con-
founds modern phylogenetic analysis.Given
the recent origins of rigorous statistical
solutions to such problems', there have
been many methodological advances in
phylogenetic analysis since Ecological
Physiology.As such, Losos and Miles' chap
ter in EcologicalMorphology provides a use-
ful overview of the methods and insights
from phylogenetic reconstruction of mor-
phological transitions.
Wilson beautifully writes a modest and
personal account of his own development,
only occasionallyslipping into ego,revealing
consciousness of his own status. Although


Source: Agrawal, Anurag - Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Entomollogy, Cornell University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology