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Weitere Kolloquiumstermine sind im WWW abrufbar. Fakultt II Informatik, Wirtschafts-und

Summary: Weitere Kolloquiumstermine sind im WWW abrufbar.
Fakultät II Informatik, Wirtschafts- und
Department für Informatik
Am Donnerstag, dem 03. Februar 2011, um 13:15 Uhr hält
Prof. Dr. Bradley Nelson
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, ETH Zurich
einen Vortrag mit dem Titel
Micro and Nano Robots
Der Vortrag findet im OFFIS, Escherweg 2, Konferenzraum F02 statt.
Microrobotics has recently entered the phase in which sub-mm sized autonomous robots are being realized. While the potential
impact of these devices on society is high, particularly for biomedical applications, many challenges remain in developing
genuine microrobots that will be useful to society. This talk will focus on applications of microrobots as well as approaches to
their locomotion in liquid and on solid surfaces. Issues in the design of external systems for providing energy and control of
microrobots must be considered, and the use of externally generated magnetic fields in particular appears to be a promising
strategy. Theoretical and experimental issues will be discussed, functionalization of the devices, and efforts to scale microro-
bots to the nanodomain will be presented.


Source: Appelrath, Hans-Jürgen - Department für Informatik, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences