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LEPIDOBLEPHARIS XANTHOSTIGMA (Orange-tailed Gecko). ENDOPARA SITES. Lepidoblepharisxanthostigma is a

Gecko). ENDOPARA SITES. Lepidoblepharisxanthostigma is a
smalldiurnal geckothat inhabitsleaf litter andoccursfiom south-
eastemNicaragua,northwesternCosta Rica to northern Colom-
bia (Savage2002.TheAmphibiansandReptilesof CostaRica:A
HerpetofaunaBetweenTwo Continents,BetweenTwo Seas,Uni-
versity of ChicagoPress,Chicago,934 Pp.).To our knowledge,
no reportsexistofendoparasitesfrom thisspecies.Thepurposeof
this noteis to report the presenceof a larval acanthocephalanin a
L. xanthostigmafromCostaRica.
Tenfemale.L.xanthostigma(meanSVL = 33mm + 4 SD,range:
28-40mm) from theherpetologycollection of theNaturalHistory
Museumof Los AngelesCounty (LACM), LosAngeles(LACM
148083-084, 148092,I48I05, 148107, I48109-1I 3), collected
in GuanacasteandPuntarenasprovinces,CostaRicain 1964,1965,
and1973were examinedfor helminths.The esophagus,stomach,
small and large intestineswere openedand separatelyexamined
for helminths underadissectingmicroscope.Thebody cavity was
alsoexamined.One acanthocephalancystacanthwasfound in the
stomachof LACM 148083.The cystacanthwasclearedin a drop


Source: Austin, Christopher C. - Museum of Natural Science, Louisiana State University
Smith, Sarah A - School of Environmental and Life Sciences, Charles Darwin University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology