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Goldreich's One-Way Function Candidate and Drunken Backtracking Algorithms

Summary: Goldreich's One-Way Function Candidate and
Drunken Backtracking Algorithms
Rachel Miller, University of Virginia CLAS '09
Distinguished Majors Thesis for Computer Science
University of Virginia 2009
Thesis Adviser Professor abhi shelat, CS Department
Thesis Reader Professor Christian Gromoll, Math
This thesis extends collaborative work done in the SUPERB 2008 Program at
UC Berkeley with Professor Luca Trevisan and graduate students James Cook
and Omid Etesami.
One-way functions are easy to compute but hard to invert; their exis-
tence is the foundational assumption for modern cryptography. Oded Gol-
dreich's 2000 paper "Candidate One-Way Functions Based on Expander
Graphs" [6] proposes a candidate one-way function construction based on
any small fixed predicate over d variables and a bipartite expander graph
of right-degree d. The function is calculated by taking an n-bit input as
the values of the vertices on the left, and then calculating each of the n
output bits on the right by applying the predicate to its neighbors.


Source: Acton, Scott - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Virginia


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences