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Billiards Digest May, 2011 David Alciatore, PhD ("Dr. Dave") ILLUSTRATED PRINCIPLES

Summary: Billiards Digest May, 2011
David Alciatore, PhD ("Dr. Dave") ILLUSTRATED PRINCIPLES
"VEPS GEMS - Part XVII: Trick and Proposition Shots"
Note: Supporting narrated video (NV) demonstrations, high-speed video (HSV) clips, and technical
proofs (TP), and all of my past articles, can be accessed and viewed online at
billiards.colostate.edu. The reference numbers used in the article help you locate the resources on
the website. If you have a slow or inconvenient Internet connection, you might want to view the
resources from a CD-ROM or DVD. Details can be found online at: dr-dave-billiards.com.
This is my seventeenth and final article in a series based on the "The Video Encyclopedia of Pool
Shots (VEPS)," an instructional 5-DVD set I recently created with past BD columnist and good friend Tom
Ross. VEPS contains 750 shot types and principles within 50 main categories and 5 major areas. An outline
of the entire VEPS series and video excerpts from each DVD can be viewed online at: dr-dave-
billiards.com/veps. This article features proposition and trick shots from the last DVD: "VEPS V Skill and
Specialty Shots."
Diagram 1 shows the setup for a classic proposition shot involving cut-induced throw (CIT). All three
object balls are frozen to each other, and the 5-ball and 11-ball are frozen to the cushion. With typical
conditions, hitting the 4-ball into the 11-ball throws the 5-ball into the cushion causing it go wide of the pocket
as shown by the "typical" path in the diagram. NV B.91 demonstrates how this fact can be used to your
advantage as a proposition or joke to play against a gullible or unknowledgeable bystander (AKA "mark").
Here's how it's done: First, being careful to not let the "mark" notice, use a finger to apply some saliva at the


Source: Alciatore, David G. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University


Collections: Engineering