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Using simulation in an objects-early approach to CS1 and CS2 Owen Astrachan

Summary: Using simulation in an objects-early approach to CS1 and CS2
Owen Astrachan
Duke University
Claire Bono
University of Southern California
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Our philosophy is that CS1 CS2 students learn best as apprentices, by studying the work of more
experienced program designers and writers and byextending and modifying programs provided bythese
experienced programmers. Object-oriented programming supports this philosophy well and permits
our students to explore a realm of programs not possible using a more traditional structured" ap-
proach. Our approach emphasizes using objects before creating them, reading and modifying programs
before designing them. Although our philosophy transcends a particular object-oriented language, we
have chosen C++ for our courses; our approach facilitates its use by novices. In this paper we discuss
our approach, and suggest simulation as a rich area for case studies, labs, and assignments when em-
ploying this objects early approach. We provide details of two simulations we have used in our courses:
a simulation of the card game war and a queueing simulation.
1 Introduction


Source: Astrachan, Owen - Department of Computer Science, Duke University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences