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Race and Revitalization in the Rust Belt: A Motor City Story

Summary:  Race and Revitalization in the Rust Belt:
A Motor City Story
A report of findings from the University of Michigan's
2004 Detroit Area Study
Reynolds Farley (renf@umich.edu)
Mick Couper (mcouper@umich.edu)
Maria Krysan (krysan@uic.edu)
This report describes Detroit's recent history of economic decline, racial unrest, and massive
demographic change, as well as the substantial revitalization efforts that are now reshaping downtown
Detroit and many inner city neighborhoods. This description serves as a backdrop for presenting
findings from the 2004 Detroit Area Study (DAS). The DAS was a University of Michigan survey of
adult residents of the metropolis conducted annually from 1951 through 2004, focused each year upon
different aspects of social and economic trends. The 2004 DAS investigated city-suburban and black-
white economic changes as well as the attitudes Detroit area resident hold about racial issues, their
preferences for different types of neighborhoods, and where they searched in the past or will search in
the future for employment and new homes. A major objective of the 2004 study was to determine the
causes of continued racial residential segregation and to assess the prospects for more residential in-
tegration by race and economic status. This report features many photographs of historic buildings
and sites in Detroit and includes several charts and figures depicting both recent demographic trends


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


Collections: Engineering