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NEST Scientific Report 2007-2009 Solid-state quantum information

Summary: NEST Scientific Report 2007-2009
Solid-state quantum information
uantum information allows to solve efficiently some problems which are
belived to be intractable classically. Impact and advantages of quantum
information protocols emerge in numerous situations and it is now believed
that they will play a leading role in future technologies. Together with the ongoing
development of more efficient schemes to solves new and old tasks in information
science, a great deal of interest is devoted to select suitable physical systems
where one can implement realize these ideas. Nanoelectronics is the natural arena
to realize physical implementation of quantum hardware and superconducting
nanocircuits have already proved to be ideal candidates for qubits. Our works
in this period aimed at developing new quantum protocols in computation and
communication as well as at the theoretical analysis of superconducting qubits.
Among all possible applications of
quantum mechanics to information science,
communication is the branch that already
is mature for technological applications.
The paradigmatic approach to quantum


Source: Abbondandolo, Alberto - Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa


Collections: Mathematics