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GPC 2 -Manual Krystyna Brzezinska (kbrzez@mrl.ucsb.edu)

Summary: GPC 2 - Manual
Krystyna Brzezinska (kbrzez@mrl.ucsb.edu)
November 2010
SAMPLE PREPARATION: Polymer must be perfectly soluble in chloroform. Prepare solution 6-8 mg
of the polymer in 1-2 mL of chloroform with 0.25% TEA. Sample concentration affect both viscosity and
injection volume. While small sample amounts produce narrower peaks, viscous samples may require
larger, more dilute solution. After filtration through 0.45 Ám filter transfer solution into the auto-sampler
vial (3/4 of the vial must be filled). Available small inserts for vials (150 and 300 ÁL).
ADD SAMPLES to the running GPC (only red icon is active):
1. Edit- Alter Running Sample- OK. Red and green icons should be active.
2. Insert rows, change name, vial #. Don't forget to load carousel with vials.
3. Don't change rows: Condition Columns; Equilibrate; Purge Injector; Purge Detector; Ramp Flow
Down, or PDA lamp OFF; Injection volume 100 ÁL and # of injections 1.
4. Click on the GREEN ICON. Only red icon should be active. For automatic results use "Run and
Report", continue on Fault- Run.
5. If you are not satisfied with integration you can change it (see analysis) and print it again.
RUN SAMPLE when instrument idle (only green icon is available):
1. Delete unused rows. Insert more rows if necessary- change name, vial #. Load carousel with your
2. Don't change rows: Condition Columns (ramp flow up to 1 mL); Equilibrate; Purge Injector;


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics