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A Simple Algorithm for Detecting Circular Permutations in Proteins

Summary: A Simple Algorithm for Detecting
Circular Permutations in Proteins
S. Uliel 1 , A. Fliess 1 , A. Amir 2y , R. Unger 1\Lambda
June 1999
1 Faculty of Life Sciences
2 Department of Computer Science and College of Computing, Georgia Tech
Bar璉lan University
Ramat璆an, 52900, Israel
\Lambda Corresponding author: ron@biocom1.ls.biu.ac.il
Tel: 972񪏙318124
Fax: 972񪏙351824
y Partially supported by NSF grant CCR9610170 and BSF grant 96000509.

Motivation: Circular permutation of a protein is a genetic operation in which part
of the C璽erminal of the protein is moved to its N璽erminal. Recently, it has been shown
that proteins that undergo engineered circular permutations generally maintain their three
dimensional structure and biological function. This observation raises the possibility that
circular permutation has been used by Nature during evolution. In this scenario a protein
underwent circular permutation into another proteins, thereafter both proteins further di


Source: Amir, Amihood - Computer Science Department, Bar Ilan University


Collections: Mathematics