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Grants.gov Q&A Updated 01/25/11

Summary: Grants.gov Q&A
Updated 01/25/11
General Information
Q. Is Carnegie Mellon University registered in grants.gov
A. Yes
Q. Does the PI or Business Manager need to register in grants.gov?
A. No, only central administration needs to register (OSP).
Q. Do the PI and/or Business Manager register in the NIH Commons or NSF Fastlane
A. Yes, everyone who submits proposals needs to be registered in order to submit.
Q. Does the grants.gov file come preloaded with any information?
A. Not usually, besides the agency and CFDA number
Q. Who can submit grants.gov proposal in OSP? (If you are going to submit late, we
recommend sending your email to everyone listed below.)
Name Phone Email
Kristen Jackson 9527 kristenr@andrew.cmu.edu
Kim Basile 1161 kbasile@andrew.cmu.edu
Robert Kearns 5837 rk2a@andrew.cmu.edu
Diane McCrea 1419 dm8k@andrew.cmu.edu


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


Collections: Mathematics