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University of Manchester School of Mathematics

Summary: University of Manchester
School of Mathematics
First Year Feedback Supervision Arrangements
All first year students have two feedback supervision classes each week. In the autumn semester,
one is associated with the course unit MATH10101/MATH10111 Sets, Numbers and Functions
and the other is associated with MATH10121/MATH10131 Calculus and Vectors and, in the
spring semester, one is associated with MATH10202/MATH10212 Linear Algebra and the other
with MATH10222/MATH11222/MATH10232 Calculus and Applications. Note that students
on the various programmes do different versions of these course units but all the students in
each group will be doing the same version.
Feedback supervisions begin in week 1, the first week of lectures, and so will take place before
very much material has been covered in the course (it may even be before the first lecture in a
few cases!). The lecturer should provide supervisors with some preparatory course material to
discuss with the students in the first class. This will probably be a rather untypical supervision
as the students are not expected to have done any preparation for it. The main aim should be
for the students and the supervisor to meet each other and the for the supervisor to make clear
what is expected of the students for the rest of the semester and what the students can expect
of the supervisor.
At this first meeting, the supervisor should explain to the students the arrangements for
them to hand in work in future weeks -- probably delivering it to the supervisor's office by a


Source: Applebaum, David - Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield
Heil, Matthias - Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester


Collections: Mathematics