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Gould's Rcal Contribution J David Archibald

Summary: Gould's Rcal Contribution
J David Archibald
Skeptic; 201 1; 16,3; General Interest Module
pg. 12
Gould's Real Contribution
In his review/essJY (Vol. 16, No. I),
Don;lld Prothero takes a rather sour
view of how Stephen Jay Gould's work
and legacy has fared at the hands of
neolltologists. I agree with some of what
Prothero writes; nevenhetess a shari re-
sponse is warramed. Both Prothero and
I arc field-oriented paleontologists.
While he has spent most of his cafl't."r
among geologists, 1have spent mine
among biologists of various stripes.
which mOly explain our differing view on
Guuld's reception. Prothero emphasizes
Eldredge and Gould's punctuatl-d l'qui-


Source: Archibald, J. David - Department of Biology, San Diego State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Geosciences