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Space-efficient Local Computation Algorithms Ronitt Rubinfeld

Summary: Space-efficient Local Computation Algorithms
Noga Alon
Ronitt Rubinfeld
Shai Vardi
Ning Xie
Recently Rubinfeld et al. (ICS 2011, pp. 223238) proposed
a new model of sublinear algorithms called local computation
algorithms. In this model, a computation problem F may
have more than one legal solution and each of them consists
of many bits. The local computation algorithm for F should
answer in an online fashion, for any index i, the ith
bit of
some legal solution of F. Further, all the answers given
by the algorithm should be consistent with at least one
solution of F. In this work, we continue the study of
local computation algorithms. In particular, we develop a
technique which under certain conditions can be applied
to construct local computation algorithms that run not
only in polylogarithmic time but also in polylogarithmic


Source: Alon, Noga - School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Mathematics