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Memorandum of Agreement between the

Summary: Memorandum of Agreement
between the
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Regina
and the
College of Graduate Studies and Research at the University at Saskatchewan
Short Title: Saskatchewan Universities Graduate Agreement (SUGA Agreement)
The Western Dean's Agreement (WDA) which normally governs the access of graduate students to courses at other
member Institutions has some limitations which the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan do not
wish to apply to their graduate students taking courses at these two institutions. Under the terms of the WDA, a student
may only take those courses at the host institution that are deemed integral to their program of studies and unavailable at
the home institution. Thus, for example, the WDA would not allow students to take a course at a host institution simply
because it would be more convenient to do so or if the course in question was available at the latter. Moreover, the
WDA does not apply to students who are in non-thesis based programs even though these students might also be able to
take advantage of a WDA type of arrangement.
The Saskatchewan Universities Graduate Agreement (SUGA Agreement) is revised in the context of the McKay Report
which strongly encourages the Provinces' two major universities to collaborate as much as possible in order to further
post-secondary education in Saskatchewan. The SUGA Agreement is to be viewed as providing more benefits than the
Western Dean's Agreement and therefore supersedes that agreement. The purpose of the SUGA Agreement is to


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics