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Introduction to the Cell

Summary: Introduction
to the Cell
J. A. Kahle
M. N. Day
H. P. Hofstee
C. R. Johns
T. R. Maeurer
D. Shippy
This paper provides an introductory overview of the Cell
multiprocessor. Cell represents a revolutionary extension of
conventional microprocessor architecture and organization. The
paper discusses the history of the project, the program objectives
and challenges, the design concept, the architecture and
programming models, and the implementation.
Introduction: History of the project
Initial discussion on the collaborative effort to develop
Cell began with support from CEOs from the Sony
and IBM companies: Sony as a content provider and
IBM as a leading-edge technology and server company.


Source: Aziz, Adnan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Silvano, Cristina - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Engineering