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The Extended Organism here do we position the

Summary: The Extended Organism
here do we position the
boundary between an organ-
ism and its environment? At
first sight, this might seem a simple
question with a simple answer: the
boundary is the outer membrane in
unicellular organisms, the outer layer
of cells or cuticle in multicellular or-
ganisms and so on. However, as
Turner convincingly argues in The Ex-
tended Organism this is not necessarily
so, and an organism--in particular its
physiology--may extend beyond these
traditional boundaries. In short, Turn-
er's book is admirable attempt to ex-
emplify Richard Dawkins's [1] concept
of the "extended phenotype."
Dawkins argues that a gene's influ-


Source: Anderson, Carl - Synthetic Intelligence, Qbit, LLC, Bethesda, MD


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Engineering; Mathematics