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Dr. Bruce Davenport Freelance Editor,

Summary: Dr. Bruce Davenport
Freelance Editor,
School of Engineering Sciences
Changing track. A scientist samples two careers
Dr Bruce Davenport has enjoyed two very different careers since
graduating from the University of Southampton. He changed direction
after many years in scientific research and now uses his skills in
communication and the analysis of data in museums and galleries.
An early interest in the Apollo space mission inspired Bruce to think
about life in the clouds. "I wanted to be a space man, so reckoned I
should become a pilot with the RAF. But I decided I didn't like the
prospect of a military life after all, so went to university instead," he
explains. Bruce chose to take a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at
Manchester, then thought he wanted to carry on learning with a PhD. "I
looked at what kind of opportunities were about and opted for
Southampton. I didn't know the city at all, it was a leap into the unknown
but a good decision."
Bruce worked under supervisor Professor Peter Gregson on new laminates
made of aluminium-lithium and fibre-reinforced plastic that engineers
hoped would turn out to be a promising new material for aircraft skins; a


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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