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Next GenerationPower Amplifiersfor Wireless Communications -SqueezingMore Bits Out of Fewer Joules

Summary: Next GenerationPower Amplifiersfor Wireless Communications -
SqueezingMore Bits Out of Fewer Joules
Lawrence Larson, Peter Asbeck, and Don Kimball
University of California - San Diego, Center for Wireless Communications
La Jolla, CA
Abstract - This paper covers the limitations of current
handset power amptifier design. The specific limitations on
efficiency and linearity are addressed, and several of the
most promising techniques for improvements are discussed.
With more than a billion people using cellular telephones
- and more than twenty being sold every second - we
might reasonably ask ourselves if any technological
innovations are still required in this field? Fortunately,
the leaders of the cellular industry have targeted the
"second" billion as the target market for the coming
decade, and reaching this group of people will require
even lower-cost solutions to all of the critical electronic
components of the phone.


Source: Asbeck, Peter M. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California at San Diego


Collections: Engineering