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Performance of Model-Based Networked Control Systems with Discrete-Time Plants

Summary: Performance of Model-Based Networked Control Systems with
Discrete-Time Plants
Tomas Estrada Panos J. Antsaklis
In this paper we study performance-related aspects for
plants in a networked control setting, employing an ap-
proach known as Model-Based Networked Control Sys-
tems (MB-NCS) with Intermittent Feedback. Model-
Based Networked Control Systems use an explicit model
of the plant in order to reduce the network traffic while
attempting to prevent excessive performance degrada-
tion. Intermittent Feedback consists of the loop remain-
ing closed for some time interval, then open for another
interval. We begin by investigating the behavior of the
system while tracking a reference input. We provide the
full response of the system and a condition for stabil-
ity. We then shift our attention to controller design for
MB-NCS. We use dynamic programming techniques to
design an optimal controller to optimize an LQ-like per-
formance index.


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Collections: Engineering