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Quete: Ontology-Based Query System for Distributed Sources Haridimos Kondylakis1,2

Summary: Quete: Ontology-Based Query System for Distributed Sources
Haridimos Kondylakis1,2
, Anastasia Analyti1
, Dimitris Plexousakis1,2
Institute of Computer Science, FORTH-ICS, Greece
Department of Computer Science, University of Crete, Greece
{kondylak, analyti, dp}@ics.forth.gr
Abstract. The exponential growth of the web and the extended use of database
management systems in widely distributed information systems has brought to
the fore the need for seamless interconnection of diverse and large numbers of
information sources. Our contribution is a system that provides a flexible ap-
proach for integrating and transparently querying multiple data sources, using a
reference ontology. Global semantic queries are automatically mapped to que-
ries local to the participating sources. The query system is capable of handling
complex join constructs and of choosing the appropriate attributes, relations,
and join conditions to preserve user query semantics. Moreover, the query en-
gine exploits information on horizontal, vertical, and hybrid fragmentation of
database tables, distributed over the various data sources. This optimization im-


Source: Analyti, Anastasia - Institute of Computer Science, Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences