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Removing Impediments to Loop Fusion through Code Transformations

Summary: 1
Removing Impediments to Loop Fusion through
Code Transformations
Bob Blainey y , Christopher Barton z , Jose Nelson Amaral z
y IBM Toronto Software Laboratory, z Department of Computing Science
Toronto, Canada University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
blainey@ca.ibm.com fcbarton, amaralg@cs.ualberta.ca
Loop fusion is a common optimization technique that
takes several loops and combines them into a single large
loop. Most of the existing work on loop fusion concentrates
on the heuristics required to optimize an objective function,
such as data reuse or creation of instruction level parallelism
opportunities. Often, however, the code provided to a com-
piler has only small sets of loops that are control ow equiv-
alent, normalized, have the same iteration count, are adja-
cent, and have no fusion-preventing dependences. This pa-
per focuses on code transformations that create more oppor-
tunities for loop fusion in the IBM « XL compiler suite that
generates code for the IBM family of PowerPC « processors.


Source: Amaral, JosÚ Nelson - Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences