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UW Computer Science and Engineering Introduction to Samba

Summary: UW Computer Science and Engineering
Introduction to Samba
revised December 2004 - Warren Jessop
Samba 1
What is Samba
Samba is a UNIX tool that enables you to access UNIX files from a PC running Windows
XP/Vista. It runs on almost every CSE Lab-managed UNIX host.
Samba also allows ftp-like access to PC fileservers from UNIX hosts.
Accessing Files on CSE Lab UNIX Servers from a
Windows PC
Microsoft Distributed file system (Dfs) provides "one stop shopping" for most Windows and
UNIX shares you need to access. On most systems all of these files are found under the O:
drive, as described in Microsoft Dfs.
Accessing your UNIX Home Directory from a PC
To access your UNIX home directory from a PC running Windows XP/Vista you must first
know which home directory you want to access. Some people have only one, e.g. on the
instructional Linux systems, normally called `/homes/iws/username'. Research users may
have several: a "main" research home directory called `/homes/gws/username' on one of
the lab managed hosts (e.g. barb), and perhaps a different one when logging into project
machines such as the graphics (grail) hosts.


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences