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Map Building without Odometry Information Francesco Amigoni, Simone Gasparini

Summary: Map Building without Odometry Information
Francesco Amigoni, Simone Gasparini
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione
Politecnico di Milano
20133 Milano, Italy
Email: amigoni@elet.polimi.it, gasparini@airlab.elet.polimi.it
Maria Gini
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, USA
Email: gini@cs.umn.edu
Abstract-- The map building methods usually employed by
mobile robots are based on the assumption that an estimate
of the position of the robot can be obtained from odometry
readings. In this paper we propose three methods that build
a geometrical global map by integrating partial maps without
using any odometry information. We focus on the problem of
integrating a sequence of partial maps that specifies the order
in which the partial maps must be integrated. Experimental
results show the effectiveness of our approach in different types


Source: Amigoni, Francesco - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences